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Over 5 million mp3 songs for free, and legal

Written by mv on 1/28/2008 04:29:00 p.m.

iTunes is soo .. dead....

iTunes better look out because a new music service will soon offer millions of songs for free. New York-based Qtrax is launching a beta application that will aggregate up to 25 million songs from peer-to-peer networks. Of course the old saying of, “there is no free lunch”, applies here and users will have to endure ads to listen to their songs. The service works by centralizing music from P2P sites and then reoffering the songs with some extra DRM attached. Songs are downloaded to the listener’s computer, but they can only be played back inside of the Qtrax ad-supported player. The player expands to fill the user’s screen, but don’t fret because you can still surf the web with a Mozilla-based browser inside of the player.

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Souce : TGDaily

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