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Vista Transformation Pack 8

Written by mv on 11/21/2007 07:18:00 a.m.

update : Download : Vista Transformation Pack 9

Download Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1

Rapidshare | Wikiupload | Softpedia

Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1 Screenshot

It's almost December and Vista Transformation Pack 8 isn't out, yet.

In version 8.0, you’ll get the following key updates:
-Fix reported bugs in previous version and update keep tracking programs to the latest up-to-date version
-More Vista’s features
-Refined collaborated 3rd-party applications for lower system requirements
-Bring back Vista Transformation Pack’s configuration file (vtp.sif) with user-friendly interface to use in program
MKHCB stoped suporting VTP:

In fact, thinking of it, I am tired of VTP, and JCXP. Furthermore, I am tired of people being so ungrateful. As of today, this will be my last post and I will even try to delete my account. As for the vtp pack, I can care less how it comes out-- I have Vista already.


This is it for me!!! Also, my site too would go under revision to remove anything associated with vtp, and jcxp. If I do decide to put my own creations up on my site, it would be under my terms!!!

You can turn your Xp into Vista (look alike) manully, Not using VTP.

To do that go here

You can also download the lastest 3-rd party tools here

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