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Download Vista Transformation Pack 8

Written by mv on 11/29/2007 10:50:00 a.m.

update : Download Seven Transformation Pack with Superbar !


Download Vista Transformation Pack 8 or VTP8

download vista transformation pack 8 screenshot

Changes in Version 8.0
-Added CPU Speed information in Welcome Center
-Added saving setup information file to save setup configuration for later uses with unattended transformation support
-Added installation background
-Added "System optimized" in Setup Configuration to configure the user account corresponding to machine's spec-Added TrueTransparency 0.8.5 (Glass border with ported AeroStyle skin)
-Added WinFlip 0.42 (Vista 3DFlip)
-Fixed KB925902 hotfix issues with file processing animation
-Fixed Media Center program execution error
-Fixed rebuilding icon cache bug on non-current users during the processes
-Fixed Styler's installation checking bug (always set toolbar to styler mode when possible)
-Fixed failing to apply Vista screensaver
-Fixed program name in Add/Remove Programs
-Fixed subscribing Windows X's shrine to be default homepage bug in Welcome Center
-Fixed visualtooltip's advanced configuration bug
-Fixed WindowBlinds 6 skin installation compatibility
-Moved hotfix warning to user guide file to prevent confusion
-Re-arranged welcome dialog for richer information
-Replaced Extras in Welcome Center with Community link to forum
-Removed configuring user account's status report
-Removed obsolete dialogs (WindowBlinds warning, Before transformation, Donation, FAQ and Q&A)
-Removed Vista Live Messenger 8.1 skin
-Updated Setup Configuration in Welcome Center to cover on everything
-Updated setup transformation to pre-configure current user account before finishing the transformation
-Updated theming engine configuration
-Updated Vista Sidebar to version 2.3 Lite
-Updated Vista Sidebar user account configuration in Welcome Center
-Updated ViStart to build 2661
-Updated ViOrb to version 2.0
-Updated VisualTooltip to version 2.2
-Updated Welcome Center to pre-configure user account with system optimized option on the first run in that user account

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(thx Windows X)


hereand here

Download (dialup):
1 of 4 File one
2 of 4 File TWO
3 of 4 File Three
4 of 4 Creator

(thx DisVista)



Download Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1

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