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A murit Michael Jackson

Written by mv on 6/26/2009 09:29:00 p.m.

Michael_Jackson_by_PussycatJOEStarul pop Michael Jackson a murit vineri dimineaţa, ora României, după ce   a fost spitalizat la Los Angeles, în urma unui stop cardiac, informează presa internaţională.

Celebrul cântăreţ, care a devenit faimos încă de când era copil şi a încântat generaţii întregi cu muzica sa exuberantă şi mişcările sale de dans, a murit după ce a făcut un stop cardiac, fiind apoi transportat la un spital din Los Angeles, informează Reuters, citând Los Angeles Times. Jackson avea 50 de ani

Via mediafax

Nici nu i s-a racit coprpul bine , si deja au aparut si Bancuri si glume Michael_Jackson_Forever_by_Felsuscu Micheal Jackson .

  • Farrah Fawcett arrives at the pearly gates and Saint Peter Grants her one wish, so she thinks for a minute and says "I wish all the children in the world to be safe".
    The next day Micheal Jackson dies from heart attack.
  • Michael Jackson will be melted down into plastic, fitted into a new Playstation so kids still play with him
  • RIP (Really Important Pedofile?)
  • Oh suuure. Rich white lady dies of a heart attack and the media is all over it. What if this was a black man?
  • Apparently he died of food poisoning after eating a 9-year old wiener.
  • I wonder if they took him to Children’s Hospital…
  • Everyone hold your crotch for a moment of silence.
  • Since Michael Jackson’s 99% plastic it’s been decided that he’ll be recycled into Lego bricks. So children can play with him for a change.
  • Glad I didn’t die today. Too much competition.

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