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AeroVista by InTime, The perfect WindowBlinds skin

Written by mv on 1/19/2008 04:39:00 p.m.

AeroVista by InTime, The perfect WindowBlinds skin

Source | Jcxp

Download Beta 1| JCxp | Rapidshare

Download Beta 3 |JCXP | RapidShare

Download AeroVista 1.0b3 for WindowBlinds here.
Download AeroVista 1.0b3L for WB (Start Menu large icons) here.
Download AeroVista 1.0b3 for TrueTransparency here.
Download AeroVista 1.0b for ViStart here.

Graphical elements from: VistaXP by KoL, Aero Style by Windows X, AeroPlus by Hero of Time, AeroGlass by Ironjer, Vista32px by Jemaho, Vista RTM Clear Taskbar by Juan Perez.

WindowBlinds 6.x is required to use this skin. Not test with WindowBlinds 5.x.

Double-click on the AeroVista.wba to install. Skin must be applied twice to activate all features. Open StartMenu twice to activate transparency. Reboot if all features don't seem to be activated.

For more information visite us at:

Report any bugs here

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