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XP to Mac OS X Leopard v2.0

Written by mv on 5/08/2009 04:56:00 PM

F windows vista !  leopard ftw !


Leopard Icons:
Leopard Default System Icons 2: download, -by ~hjsergey
Leopard 240 Icon Pack: download, -by ~Anarchj
Leopard Style Tray Area Icons: download, -by ~monstrrr
Mac OS X 10.5 IconPack [for TuneUp]: download, -by =Zotus
Leopard Extra Folder Icons: download, -by ~Myssynen
Leopard iColorFolder Skin: download, -by ~Myssynen


Visual Styles:
LeopardXP: download, -by ~nobodyuse
Leopard 3.0: download, -by ~themeart
Metallica VS: download, -by ~in-dolly


Leopard XP System Files:
FlyakiteOSX 3.5 by FlyakiteOSX
Modify. Simply. Aquafy
Download, -by FlyakiteOSX
Leopard Skin Pack by ~hameddanger
Transforms XP to Leopard with replacing system files and applications.
Download, -by ~hameddanger
[NOTE:] You may wish to consider Leopard Shell Pack 1.0, also by ~hameddanger
Mac OS X Cursor Pack: download, -by ~RaZcaLinSIDe
[NOTE:] For cursors, you may wish to consider the Leopard Shell Pack 1.0 by ~hameddanger for excellent cursors (see above for details).
Leopard Mods on XP: download, -by ~kampongboy92
Leopard System Preferences: download, -by ~RaatsGui


Logon and Boot Screen
XP Leopard Style Logon: download, -by ~RaatsGui
SL Logonui for XP: download, -by ~alexcqz
Colour Logon: download, -by ~MrHaoSac (new)
Leopard Bootscreen: download, -by ~killer7ben
OS-X Leopard Boot: download, -by ~killer7ben

Leopard_Bootscreen_by_killer7ben XP_Leopard_Style_Logon_by_RaatsGui

Leopard Wallpapers and Sounds:
79 Leopard Wallpapers for XP: download, -by ~nobodyuse
For more Leopard Wallpapers, please click here
Jaguar Sounds: download, -by Iceman


Leopard Styler Toolbars:
Leopard Styler RC: download, -by ~neodesktop
Leopard Finder for Styler: download, -by ~RaatsGui
Leopard Inspired Styler: download, -by ~eamon63


Dock and FinderBar Applications:
RocketDock: download, -by PunkLabs
ObjectDock: download, -by Stardock
XWindows Dock: download, -by Vladimir Likhonos
RK Launcher: download, -by at RaduKing
ObjectBar: download, -by Stardock
FinderBar: download, -by Landvermesser


Download FindeXer:
64-bit: download
-by Tom's Effect
- Leopard Tutorial for FindeXer: view, -by ~RaatsGui


ViStart: download, -by Lee-Soft
- Mac iStart for ViStart [Final]: download, -by ~fediaFedia


More Applications:
AveDesk: download, -by Ave (Andreas Verhoeven)
About this Mac Applet: download, -by ~fediaFedia
Mac Exposé:
TopDesk: download, -by Otaku Software
WinExposé: download, -by matonga
ShutOff: download, -by ~nookian
ShutOff Skin Pack: download, -by ~nookian
Leopard System Preferences: download, -by ~RaatsGui
MacSearch: download, -by Landvermesser
MacSound: download, -by Landvermesser
MacSwitch: download, -by Landvermesser
MacClock: download, -by Landvermesser
TClock: download, -by Kazubon

LeopardXP for TrueTransparency: download, -by ~nobodyuse

based on this tutorial

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