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New D'espairsRay single : BRILLIANT

Written by Unknown on 5/24/2008 11:13:00 PM




The new D'espairsRay BRILLIANT single has been released in the 14th of May.And it really is BRILLIANT.

OK...i found out about it a bit late...but it's never too late to talk about it...what can i say...the single rocks...the first seconds of the song already made me like kinda gives you the same aura like the song "Forbidden" from the 2005 album Coll:set which is one of my favourite songs from the band. They never ceased to amaze me with their amazingly insane sound.The single contains the songs "Brilliant " and "Cocoon".

Some info about the band :

D’espairsRay is an industrial metal band hailing from Japan. But they have gained very notable success in Europe and in North America. They boast a fairly electric sound though seem to gravitate often to a syncopated drum-and-guitar assault.

D’espairsRay’s sound is dark, sinister and schizophrenic. The vocalist, HIZUMI, usually goes from sounding like a totally deranged demon creature to letting loose with a smooth, soulful cry on most songs.l_e8ec7ec2261b0d97619e9b98994a24fc


Mini Albums
[2001.07.21] -Terrors-
[2004.04.28] BORN
[2005.06.29] Coll:set
[2007.04.11] MIRROR
[2000.10.21] Kumo
[2001.04.01] Genwaku
[2002.06.05] SEXUAL BEAST
[2003.02.12] MaVERiCK
[2003.11.12] Gärnet
[2004.09.01] -GEMINI-
[2006.04.05] Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana
[2007.03.14] SQUALL
[2008.05.14] BRILLIANT

Official Site of the band

D'espairsRay - BRILLIANT track

D'espairsRay - Cocoon track

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