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If, hard Candy, leaked

Written by mv on 4/22/2008 01:17:00 AM

Mindless Self Indulgence - If - leaked via myspace

"Never Wanted to Dance" 3:08
"Evening Wear" 3:31
"Lights On" 2:37
"Prescription" 3:05
"Issues" 3:04
"Get It Up" 2:35
"Revenge" 3:08
"Animal" 2:44
"Mastermind" 2:59
"On It" 3:01
"Pay For It" 3:33
"Due" 2:10
"Money" 2:53
"Bomb This Track" 3:20
"Mark David Chapman" 3:14

Mindless Self Indulgence - MSI's "Animal" by M dot Strange Video


Madonna - Hard Candy leaked via ???

"Candy Shop" (Madonna, Pharrell Williams) – 4:15
"4 Minutes" (featuring Justin Timberlake) (Madonna, Timothy Mosley, Floyd Nathaniel Hills, Justin Timberlake) – 4:04
"Give It 2 Me" (Madonna, Williams) – 4:47
"Heartbeat" (Madonna, Williams) – 4:03
"Miles Away" (Madonna, Mosley, Hills, Timberlake) – 4:48
"She's Not Me" (Madonna, Williams) – 6:04
"Incredible" (Madonna, Williams) – 6:19
"Beat Goes On" (featuring Kanye West) (Madonna, Williams, Kanye West) – 4:26
"Dance 2night" (Madonna, Mosley, Lane, Timberlake) – 5:03
"Spanish Lesson" (Madonna, Williams) – 3:37
"Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" (Madonna, Mosley, Hills, Timberlake, Joe Henry) – 5:08
"Voices" (Madonna, Mosley, Hills, Lane, Timberlake) – 3:39

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